So I’ve had some grand plans for this blog. Like really grand, in the scheme of me and blogging.

I had ideas of blogging every weekday, with different days having different topics, such as Munchie Monday’s with recipes every monday. As much as I love organization and planning, it was hard thinking that I was going to be stuck to such a rigid schedule of what I wrote about and when. So I am going to not do that. I will post when I can, and about whatever topic is on my mind at the moment.. and it will all have to deal with the life of a young 23 year old recent college graduate trying to figure out life.

And now I feel so much better about the direction I’m taking this blog in. Even though this blog has only just started and it doesn’t really have any direction at all yet.

CharlieAnd now, for your viewing pleasure: half asleep cat picture. Sometimes Charlie tries to bite my computer, but at the moment, he laying next to me, sleeping while I write. Also, in other Charlie the cat news, he just hit 7 months old a few days ago. YAY Charlie.

I also decided I wanted to adopt another cat, one that was a few weeks old and the baby of a stray cat a few towns over. But living with the parents, although it has been great, I can’t just adopt any cats I want, since I’m bringing them into their house. So boo for not being able to adopt any new cats until I get my own place. Though yay for living with parents who are AWESOME, and it’s probably a good idea not to get carried away with adopting cats. Don’t really need to become crazy cat lady this young.