I came to 2 realizations yesterday about my student loans. one good, one not so good, so in reality, they sort of balance each other out.

A) I don’t actually have to start paying on most of them until December, and only two, I pay in November… but I thought I needed to start paying this month, so knowing I have another month is very exciting.

B) It’s actually going to be about $38 more a month than I originally thought. So although I have extra time before I have to pay, it’s gonna be more a month, which isn’t that great.

And instead of doing the smart and responsible adult thing, I ended up spending money after I came to those realizations. But here’s how I shopped smarter.

Payless BagPayless had sent us a coupon in the mail for 20% off for the rest of the month. I hopped onto their website to see what they had, and in particular, for some brands that they don’t carry in my local store. zoe&zac is a brand they carry that is made of all “green” and recycled materials. I saw this cute little bag below, and immediately fell in love. It has a zipper, which for me is a must have when it comes to bags.. considering I live in Maine where we get lots of precipitation, like snow, and I don’t want all that stuff in my bags! The fact that it is all recycled materials and still looks adorable is definitely a plus! Originally the price was almost 25, but I used the coupon and that definitely made the price more manageable. And, because you can ship to your local Payless for free, the total came to around $20. Now, when it arrives to my local store, they’ll call and I’ll head over to pick it up! Yay for scoring some good deals. And for splurging and treating yourself to something every once in a while.

Note: Payless did not pay me to write that. All opinions are strictly my own!