Warning: This post is very picture heavy.

I had a lovely day, which started off by getting my hair done at my favorite hair salon! I got bangs, which I was worried was going to make me look younger than my age, but my stylist told me she thought it would look good. So I went for it. And I am so glad I did. Bangs just make me feel fabulous. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to show you because I’m not happy with how the ones I’ve taken have come out.

I attempted to do some organizing in my room.

I did get some file folders put together, and ended up putting together a nice place for all of my fun paper type things to go.. like coupons and Charlie’s paperwork.

I also got some clutter off of my desk… seriously, the picture on the left is way cleaner than my desk usually is.

I still have to work on the clutter and organization and storage in my room. The picture on the left shows some jewelry holders I made. They’re great, and I love how they turned out. They were super easy and inexpensive, but you can tell by the picture that I have way more stuff that I need to put on top of my dresser. That doesn’t even include a fun little thing I bought online recently… but I’ll save that fun little thing for another post!

I’ll probably steal these shelves that we have down in the basement and hang them up in my room. As long as they are hung up to where Charlie can’t reach, I think it would be perfect for displaying artwork and trinkets, and maybe even moving some of my jewelry so that it is farther out of Charlie’s reach.




I’ll probably also steal this desk from our basement too. It’s never used, and I think with the closed storage (for Charlie) and the amount of workspace it would be great in my room. I could also do a nice paint job on the top, and even change out the handles.






Also, as far as getting some containers for storage, I’m loving these paint can containers from the Container store. I think they are adorable, and definitely show off my love of interior design. Though I love most things from The Container Store. I just wish we had one closer!

I’m also loving AMAC boxes, which they also have from The Container Store. Unfortunately, they look nice but I’m not sure how functional they would be.



In other really fun and exciting news, I’m gonna open a small Etsy shop at some point soon. It’s going to be called Cool & Pretty Things, and some of my first items I’ll be selling with be survival bracelets made of paracord, like the picture on the left. That black one is the first one I made, and now that I have more cord and also, buckles to make it easier to put on and off, once I get a bunch made, I will be putting them on Etsy!

I also kind of went crazy with my camera. I took this picture of Charlie. It was completely accidental but I love the way it turned out!







I was also excited to find this delia’s catalog in my mailbox today. Although I’m sure people consider it more of a Juniors/Teen store, I love their Bailey jeans. They have some of the best fit jeans for my body that I’ve tried. And as you might or might not be able to tell from that picture, Jeans are by 1 get 1 for 1/2 off. And you can save 15% off your purchase. I’m also trying to shop smarter. Although I’ve been treating myself to a few things here and there, I know that the more I save, the more I can put towards my student loans, and the faster I can pay them off and the less interest I pay… which is a WIN-WIN!