I find it so crazy how babies, human or not, can show signs of their own personalities and attitudes at such a young age. Charlie, my little fur baby, is only 7 months. I find myself laughing at his little quirks and how he acts. As I drove into the driveway after spending a few hours with friends, I could see his tiny little body siting in the window looking out at me.

He’s also pretty darn smart. He knows exactly what cabinet the dog bones are kept in and knows where the dog food is. So he will stick his head into the bones or food if the doors are left open. Yes, he thinks he is a dog.

He’s also super curious, so he goes after anything in his reach (which is a lot of stuff!) which includes our dog’s toothbrush.

Charlie is apparently very concerned about his dental hygiene. Though I don’t understand how a cat that loves toothbrushes can have such terrible breath.

He’s been great and really lo-key as far as taking care of him goes. He came to me at 5 months old and had already been neutered. He’s been an indoor cat so far so I haven’t had to worry about him getting hurt outside. He loves playing with things we have around the house, so I haven’t had to go crazy on spending money on toys. Like an older broken mesh laundry bag that he goes into and plays. And sometimes sleeps, since he’s getting to doing that more and more often.

He’s growing up… but still a little peanut compared to his furry siblings! Charlie on the far left, my sister Michelle’s cat Benji is they grey cat in the middle, and to the far right is our family cat, Toby. And obviously, the golden retriever/yellow lab mix (Abby) is the biggest of them all!