So I have 125 different blogs that I am subscribed to in my Google reader. (You can see a bunch of them listed on the right.) I get a ton of inspiration from these blogs, and from Pinterest. This was how I stumbled upon the blog Oh, hello friend today. Danni is the girl behind the blog. Like me, she has tried doing 101 things in 1001 days. But I love this great idea that she had. I’m a little late to the party, so I have about 10 weeks left in 2011. I’m going to make my own list of goals I have for the rest of 2011. So go and check out the other people doing twelve by 2012 and what other people have planned!

Edit: Items in progress will be in italics, and finished items will be crossed out!

  1. Read 2 books. – I have a whole bunch of books in my room and books on my to-read list. So hopefully I can get 2 books off my list read!
  2. Give Mia, Lila, and Jordan their belated birthday presents, and buy Dan his. – The kids I babysit all but 1 have already had their birthday. I need to buy one more gift and make sure all the kiddos get their gifts, though they are very very late!
  3. Post on my blog 3 times a week. – I definitely feel like I am doing well at keeping up. But I need to keep on trucking. Hopefully I won’t loose steam with everything else going on!
  4. Open my etsy shop. – I need to make more items for the shop, I need to figure out packaging. Other than that, I already started making the site on etsy, and I have figured out pricing. Check it out!
  5. Get a job. – Hopefully I can find something to pay the bills (boo student loans!) and hopefully still give me time to spend time with friends and work on my side projects.
  6. Visit Eileen and Kyle before they head to Alaska. – You’ve heard of Eileen (I ❤ My Airman) and hopefully I can see her and her hubby before they head to Alaska!
  7. Start a little freelance business. – Hopefully I can find some local businesses that could use web design/marketing/social media or event planning assistance, and take on a client! I made business cards! Need to work on my portfolio and start looking for clients!
  8. Spend quality time with my friends here. – I need to see friends I haven’t seen in a while and work on spending time with people face to face on a more regular basis. Went out to dinner with a friend today, and I’m going to a concert with a friend on Thursday that I haven’t hung out with in a while.
  9. Finish my room design/clean/reorganization/set up. – My room has been a serious work in progress. I need to make it fun and functional and definitely update it!
  10. Figure out budget and start saving! – Figure out a budget where I save some money aside each month for specific long term goals, and how much ‘fun’ money I have per month.
  11. Make 5 things (either food or crafts) I’ve pinned on Pinterest. – I’ve pinned a lot of different things on pinterest. I would like to make a few things whether they be food or DIY projects. I made the silhouette in my last post from something I pinned. Participated in the Pinterest Challenge. 2/5!
  12. Visit Burlington! – I need to go back and visit friends at my alma matter! It’s very much an overdue trip.

Now go check out other lists or make your own!