So, I’m feeling like the last two weeks, I’ve been crazy productive on Saturday’s.

I’ve been applying to jobs, getting things crossed off my to-do lists, and especially have been really crafty on Saturday’s.

I’ve been making more of those survival paracord bracelets like the black one I posted last week. I made some turquoise ones last Saturday, and then made more turqoise, white, and pink ones yesterday. I even mentioned to my mother making and selling them, and she thought it was a great idea… which is awesome that she is behind me on this.

She also suggested making cat and dog collars, and I ended up finding reflective cord for making animals easier to see in the dark, which I think is awesome. So supplies have been ordered!


I also made this, which I found on Pinterest, and found a tutorial from here. It was so easy, and I actually had all of the items on hand. My mom agreed that it looked great, and although I love it, I’m thinking it will make an awesome Christmas present for my dad, who is the one person in our house my dog loves best, and he loves her too. I know this would be something my dad would love!

And then, and I’m sure people are going to hate me for saying this, but I started my Christmas shopping for folks. I know it’s October, but it works out. I’ve been saving on getting great deals, and it will be nice when my school loans come due that my shopping will be hopefully finished.