So if you’re wondering what I get for being proactive and Christmas shopping early, the answer is Snow!

It’s only just started, and we’re expected to get about half a foot or more! And although I live in Maine, have lived here all my life, and gone to school in Vermont (all very snowy places) let me let you in on something.

I HATE snow. With a passion. It’s gross and wet and I don’t do winter sports, so for me it’s just a pain because what I do is drive, and it just makes a mess when you’re driving anywhere.

I would love to live somewhere that doesn’t get snow. It would be really ideal actually.

It’s also cold, which doesn’t help you when you are a skinny young adult whose body temperature is always below normal anyway. My toes were numb because it was so cold and snowing.

I’m hoping that it lets up by the time my mom has to drive my dad and her godfather to the airport tomorrow, and hopefully doesn’t interfere with any flights!

I was excited to hear earlier this week about Obama making an announcement about student loan repayment. He made some huge changes which are pretty exciting to hear about. I was pretty pumped, until I read that it only is for people borrowing in 2012 or later. Which means people like me, who have graduated and are the people currently having to pay back loans, are unaffected by this new legislation. So I thought that I was getting a treat in awesome new legislation which turned out to be a trick, in being something that is not affecting me.

I am looking forward to The Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Sherry of Young House Love, and Katie of Bower Power. They first hosted the challenge over the summer, but at that point, I didn’t really have a blog where I could post about a fun and exciting project. But being that I have on my twelve by 2012 list to make 5 things I’ve pinned on Pinterest, I am so excited! I’m definitely going to be making all sorts of fun things… maybe even tomorrow while I’m snowed in!