Generally, this is not going to be a style blog, and it will rarely feature “What I Wore” kind of posts… because I mostly dress in jeans and t-shirts and don’t consider myself to be very stylish. But I’m very excited to share with you a nice little outfit I wore for a little while today. 🙂

Dress – H&M, Tights – Vera Wang for Kohls, Boots – Payless, Watch – American Eagle Outfitters, Belt – Merona for Target, and necklace – loveisrising on etsy.

And now I’m in jeans, a white tshirt, and a sweater, though partially it is so that my beautiful stylish outfit doesn’t get covered in pet hair.

Though there is a story behind this dress. I was shopping in the mall with my sister and I saw a girl wearing this dress in a store. I pointed out to my sister that I thought that the dress was gorgeous and that I wanted it. I didn’t see it in that particular store, so my sister finished paying for her stuff. We walked into the store directly next to it, and there it was, right in the front of the store. I couldn’t believe it! I tried it on, and was not sure about it. I liked it but it didn’t seem like it was perfect for me… but I bought it anyway since I loved it so much. But once I got it home, put on a belt, and wore it in front of my parents and friends, they all agreed it looked good! So I am very happy I bought it anyway!

I did not get paid by any of those brands to mention their names… none of them even know who I am!