The other day a certain big company’s career website’s application took about 4 times the “45 minutes” the website claim’s the application takes. It was mostly because the page was ridiculously slow to load. So it was frustrating, but I know that I just have to keep at it, because something will come along! Though I do wish that job searching was different.

This one part really struck with me. “What the people need is people.” I just wish I could print out my resume on my nice resume paper and hand it to someone. I hate that I have to spend hours filling out an online application that I’m not even sure if anyone is going to see. I just wish they could tell me that they even got my resume. I just think that Human Resources should have a lot more of the Human that is in the name. But what can I do. Hopefully the job search will be better. I know that I will find something eventually. I just hope that it’s soon so I won’t have to stress about my finances as much!

But I was very excited {earlier} that same day (like before the whole job application thing). My mom and I ran some errands and went to a few stores. And since I look a lot younger than my age, I don’t ever get asked to open store cards. And although I’m sure some people hate getting asked to open a store credit card, I wish they’d ask me. Because at least it means that they think I look closer to my age than most people think. Like when I was at the mall and got asked if I was looking for a dress for homecoming. Like my last homecoming was in 2007! No, I’m not looking for a homecoming dress! So for you to ask me to open a store card, I will for sure thank you, and tell you that I’m flattered before I say no! But I got asked twice!! the other day. I was thrilled.