With about 7 weeks left until 2012, I figured a goal check in post might be in order. I made my list about 3 weeks ago, so let’s see how things look!

In progress goals will be in blue, finished or unobtainable goals will be in green.

  1. Read 2 books. – I’m currently reading The Power of Half by Hannah and Kevin Salwen. I need to finish this book so that I can move on to my next one.
  2. Give Mia, Lila, and Jordan their belated birthday presents, and buy Dan his. – I bought Dan his birthday present. I need to either wrap or get bags for these presents and bring them over to the kids I babysit. So this goal is one that is almost near completion.
  3. Post on my blog 3 times a week. -I feel like I’m doing well at posting multiple times a week.
  4. Open my etsy shop.Check it out! YAY One goal completed.
  5. Get a job. – Multiple interviews. I’m trucking along with this one. But this one needs to be completed (as apposed to reading books) so I can pay off my loans.
  6. Visit Eileen and Kyle before they head to Alaska. – So I set myself up for failure with this one. I don’t have the money to take a trip, so unfortunately this goal is not going to happen.
  7. Start a little freelance business. – I have business cards designed, though I need to print them. I have a friend with a business who needs a website, so I guess I can consider myself having my first client? I have started planning out what my portfolio will include. But need to make more headway with executing and finishing it.
  8. Spend quality time with my friends here. -I’ve definitely been successful here. I’ve done dinners and gone to concerts with my friends here. I’m gonna call this goal good.
  9. Finish my room design/clean/reorganization/set up. – Really haven’t done any work here either. Maybe I will post pictures of what it currently looks like and what I need to do with it!
  10. Figure out budget and start saving! -I haven’t really worked on this goal yet. I should probably wait until I have a job.
  11. Make 5 things (either food or crafts) I’ve pinned on Pinterest. – Doing well with this goal. I’ve made 2/5 things.
  12. Visit Burlington! -I haven’t even figured out when I might want to go. But if I want to go before they leave for Thanksgiving break, I should go soon. Or wait until after they get back from break.

Okay. 6 in progress. 2 finished. 1 unobtainable. Should get crackin on those other 3 that I haven’t really worked on yet!