Step 1: Create a theme, whether it is a holiday, season, or if it’s just because, come up with some other crazy type of theme!

The example I’m using in this post, is a fabulous Maine themed care package for Eileen and her hubby!

Start on your care package adventure!

Step 2: Think about things that go along with the theme. For me, Maine – lobster, maple, and moose related items.

{Picture thanks to Eileen.} As you can see, there’s some LL Bean candy. Lobster shaped and moose shaped. There’s also a magnet shaped like the state of Maine.

Step 3: If someone mentions wanting something in particular, make sure to try your hardest to get it for them.

Eileen told me that she really wanted these Moose lollypops from LL Bean. So this was a picture I took with my webcam and posted on her facebook page so that I could make sure that I got what she wanted!

Step 4: Include something homemade, also if possible. I didn’t get to do this, but I definitely plan to next time!

Do you have any suggestions for how to make a great care package?