The book started off with a poem about success (often attributed to Elizabeth Anne Anderson Stanley), which at the time I was reading this book I wasn’t quite feeling very successful. But the book and poem reminded me that there are many ways to define success. The book then starts telling the story of TOMS, which is a mix of things that as a huge TOMS fan I already knew, as well as information I didn’t know before reading.

It’s not just about TOMS. Blake also talked to others who “started something that matters” including the guys behind method, an eco friendly cleaning brand. I was fascinated to learn that beef fat is a common ingredient as a softening agent in dryer sheets.

It’s an easy read, with the book split into different sections such as learning how to tell your story, facing your fears, which includes a great story about Blake’s mom! There’s also great advice like when Blake suggests reading biographies and that the timing is not going to ever be right. I thought it was a pretty quick read. Whether you just want to learn more about TOMS, want to make a difference, or want to learn how to do what you love, it’s a good book to check out.



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