The X Factor: I’ve never really been into American Idol, The Voice, or any of those other music competition shows. I watched a little bit of The Sing Off when On the Rocks was on it. But I’ve been SO into watching the X Factor. My favorites are Drew, Rachel, Lakoda Rayne, Josh, Leroy, and Marcus. If any of them won I would be content.

Kitchen Cousins: John and Anthony are cousins (as the title might alude to) from a big ‘ol Italian family in Jersey. They work together at a construction company. They are cool, fun, have a great space (an old firestation) and they design great kitchens.

Check out the boys, their office, and two of their completed kitchens. Or watch them Wednesday nights on HGTV.

Bones: On after the X Factor on Thursday nights, I normally just keep the TV on the same channel and have been watching the last 3-4 episodes of Bones. I love the characters.


X Factor pictures from the X Factor website. Kitchen Cousins pictures from their facebook page.