I’ve slowly been trucking through my to do list that I made back on Monday or Tuesday of this week. I’ve been filling out a million and one applications and sending my resume and cover letters out. Here’s to hoping that I get somewhere with one of them. And I finally finished the picture collage that I did for The Pinterest Challenge.

I also wrote out all of my student loan checks for December. And yes, I was able to afford December’s student loan payments and still have a tiny bit of money left over. It was mostly thanks to my cousin Kyler asking me to fill in for him on a weekend gig. And my favorite little family from down the street who asked me to babysit like 4 times in the past few weeks or so. I was excited to have more money than I had orginally thought I was going to have, plus get to do these things anyway.

I also made a new item for my shop. I had sort of come up with the idea but finally brought it to fruition today… and I’m very pleased with the outcome. Hopefully I will have a few new items up shortly! I joined an etsy “team”… the Etsy Maine Team! Hopefully this will help me get my stuff out there more. I’ve also been brainstorming local shops that I could sell my stuff.

My mind has also been following with an idea for a business and what to get for my Lovely Package exchange partner. I’m emailing back and forth with my exchange partner and my mind is excitedly figuring out what to get her and how to package it! Can’t wait to show you more soon!