Through For the Love of Blogs I found a Post called Embrace the Face. Started by this lovely gal, it’s basically a chance for you to chat about those features of your face that you love and hate.

I know everyone has things about them that they love, and most people have things they hate. I’ll be honest, I’m one of them! I hated my name when I was younger, and I hated my hair… Since then I’ve grown to love both my name and my hair!

So I’m putting myself out there. I’m gonna chat about what I love and hate about my face. Maybe it will help me embrace the features I’m not as thrilled with.

I love my blue eyes. I love that generally my eyebrows behave themselves. I adore my crazy freckles. I like that I generally don’t get acne (though that wasn’t always the case). I love my nose piercing and I’m glad that I did it.

I don’t love that I always look like I have dark under eye circles…. people must think I never sleep. I don’t like the little bump on my nose, thanks to a dangerous tennis ball in middle school. Sometimes I look like I have a double chin.

I rarely wear makeup, except for special occasions. It really comes out of laziness of putting makeup on. Though sometimes I think that having a tiny bit of makeup on wouldn’t hurt every once in a while.

So there you have it. I random picture of me, with what I like and don’t love about my face. Go link up with FLOB or These Hazel Eyes, for a chance to win some cool stuff, and just feel good about getting it out there!