Wow… this is the longest amount of time I’ve gone without updating this little blog since I started it! Anyway, at the end of December I was feeling like I was coming down with a cold. 2 weeks and 2 doctors appointments later, I’m told I have a sinus infection. So not a fun way to start of 2012! Luckily, I’ve been planning out goals. I’ve also been reading some of the new books I got for the holidays.

Oh, and to keep this from becoming a blog where I only discuss books, I’ve started a tumblr account & a blog over there called Monique’s Bookshelf. So if you want to know what I thought about a book I’ve read, or what’s on my list, then check that out!

Last week I did try to lay low, I ended up getting up on Thursday and Friday super early to help the family I babysit for get the kids ready for school. I also ended up meeting my friends Carolyn and Steph for coffee. We then ended up at Target since Steph needed to look for a coffee press or something, which turned into just wandering through the store since we didn’t really have anywhere to be. I found adorable clearance shoes for $6! I bought them, and although I probably should be trying to save every penny possible, I’m glad I did! I wore them on Saturday with a skirt and tights, and then today with jeans!

On Saturday, my friends Ruth and Mike were having a house warming/blessing/grad/birthday party. It was funny when my mom asked what the occasion was for this party, and I replied “What isn’t the occasion?” I got to see a bunch of my friends and have quality time with them, and we ate our fill of delicious food!

Hopefully I will be back with actually decent posts once my sinuses are less congested and I can actually think straight!