My Mother, kicking my butt in a game of Words With Friends

















Yes. She got 95 points for that word. Also, feel free to start a game with me. My username is moniquelprevost.

I won a giveaway through The Letter 4 Sisters for a blog design from Small Bird Studios! I’m really excited… especially since I was planning on doing a new design for my blog anyway!

I emailed about getting my own free crappy portrait.

A friend of mine asked me last night to be a bridesmaid in her summer wedding. It’s going to be awesome, and I’m so excited! And then this morning I got a phone call about a part time job! So I’m sorry I’m not more specific about either of these two exciting items, but I hope to eventually share more info!

Also, my father decided that I need new & better fitting jeans, and since I am broke, my parents could give me money to buy some. I ended up at Old Navy, and although I didn’t find any bottoms, I did leave with a purchase.









It’s a shirt, with little cats on it. I’ve decided a more appropriate name for this blog probably should have been “20 Something Crazy Cat Lady” but I don’t really plan on changing the name of my blog now.