So I know I promised that I would not go crazy talking about books on this blog, and that most of my book chatter would be found here, but I’m going to break that rule, and post about books here once a month or so.







When I do, it will probably be when I am participating in the Three Books on Thursday linky party over at Faith Permeating Life. Get more info here.

The first Thursday of every month, Jessica will host this lovely party. All you have to do, is pick a category. The category could be anything, a genre, books you’d recommend, whatever! Choose three books in that category that you would recommend, and then post your three books with a little bit of info about them and why we should read them! Then go over and see Jessica’s blog and link up with others to see what we all posted!

February 2012

Category: Recently Read Biographies

  • Homer’s Oddessy by Gwen Cooper

 Fresh out of a breakup and living with a friend, Gwen was a 20something with 2 cats. When her vet found Homer and was looking for a home, Gwen went to meet him, and ended up falling in love with this furry little blind cat. Homer teachers her, and others, as she moves back in with parents, switches careers, and even moves across the country. Homer survives being alone with his cat siblings for a few days when Gwen couldn’t get back into her apartment after 9/11. A heartwarming story. (This actually isn’t recently read, I read it about 6 months ago. I just love this book.)

  • Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

This is the incredible story about Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot in an assassination attempt. Written by her husband, Mark Kelly, with the last chapter written by Gabby, I was really touched by how Gabby was so passionate about the work she did for her constituents. I learned about the other people who were there. Loved this book, read it in only a few short days!

  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

I’m probably one of few people who have a passionate dislike for the TV show “The Office.” I didn’t know who Mindy was before picking up the book, nor did I buy it because she was the author. I really was intrigued by the title. I was impressed with her. The book was hilarious and had so many wonderful lessons.