I found out about this awesome linky party and I might have to have it be my Friday/Saturday weekly post. Check out more about Coffee Date over at Rags to Stitches.

If we were to sit down for coffee, I would tell you about how sorry I am that I have not been doing as well at keeping up with posting regularly. I would tell you that between working 7.5 hours and probably close to 2 hours of driving to/from work, I am very tired during the week and that I hardly get a chance to get anything done.

But I would tell you that I love my two part time jobs. I work with children and it’s amazing. Although sometimes I feel like a broken record repeating myself, I really like going to work!

I would tell you about J, who told me about how we have pipes in us, and how sometimes you cough if food goes down the wrong pipe. I would also tell you about A, who told me he hated me my first day. I would tell you about how A accidentally hit a friend with a yoga ball and when I asked him to apologize, he didn’t give me any problems about it, and walked right over and apologized with me only having to say it once! I felt like I had a breakthrough with him, and I’m so thrilled.

I would tell you that I really wanted to get Starbucks before my afternoon job, but that the only Starbucks in the town where I work is on the other side of town than my job. So I went and I played with the babies at my work for a little bit before clocking in instead.

I would tell you that after being sick at the beginning of the year, I got sick again last week. (The downside to working with children.) I currently can’t hear out of my left ear. It keeps popping, and it’s driving me crazy. I would also tell you that I think it’s my body’s way of telling me that I need to take better care of it.

I would tell you I’m behind on my reading that I’ve been wanting to catch up on. Part of that was due to my cold I got, and not being very productive last weekend.

I would also tell you that I am finally planning a trip to Burlington to visit friends and that the girl I mentored couldn’t be more excited about me coming to visit.. she’s been asking when I could for a while.

And I would finally tell you that I participated in my first Blog Brunch last weekend and it was awesome.

Then I would stop talking your ear off, and take a drink of the coffee that is probably getting cold in front of me.

What would you tell me if we sat down for coffee?

P.S. Do you like the new look? Thanks a million to Franchesca of Small Bird Studios!