Charlie is my little fur baby. He’s got his own little blurb on my About Me page, and I blogged about him here. He turns 1 on March 10th.

I found out about him when my friend Natasha posted a picture of him on her Facebook page. She had seen him while at her vet with her doggie. He had been rescued from Mississippi, and brought to New York. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with him! I asked my mom, who told me to ask my dad, if it was okay for me to adopt him. When I went to bring it up with my father, I thought he was going to tell me no, or that I would have to prove to him that I was capable of taking care of him. But to my surprise, he said yes! They were willing to hold onto Charlie until I got back from Eileen and Kyle’s wedding in Florida, and then I drove to New York to get him.

He’s currently at the vet getting de-clawed. I’m sure this is probably a sensitive topic among cat owners. I respect everyone’s opinions. I’ve always grown up my whole life with de-clawed cats, and figured that the day would probably come when Charlie would be de-clawed as well! My dad is taking Abby to have a teeth cleaning, and is bringing Charlie with him. I’m going to go pick him up later.

Charlie is such a funny little guy. I’m sure these pictures show that. 🙂

I also figured I would share a list of his nicknames. He has quite a few.

  • Chuckie
  • Chuck-A-Puck
  • Chucky-Pucky
  • Pucky
  • Charles
  • Cat-Dog
  • Chuck-easter
  • Chuckster

Do your pets have millions of nicknames?