So I woke up this morning with an urge to organize my closet and my dresser. I also woke up early considering Charlie’s internal clock hadn’t quite adjusted to Daylight Saving Time.

Being that Katie Bower and Sherry Petersik of Bower Power and Young House Love announced last week, The Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition, I figured this weekend would be the perfect time to get some things done.

I had this pin from a while back and combined with my inspiration to organize my clothing, figured it would be the perfect pin to try! I also still haven’t finished my collage from the last pinterest challenge, so I figured I’d stick to something easy.

I turned all of the hangers of the items I’ve worn away from me. All of the clothes I haven’t worn this year are on hangers facing me, so that at the end of the year (or whenever I organize my closet next) I know what has been worn and what hasn’t. I also organized by item (dresses, skirts, jackets) and then by color. I did the same with my dresser, all of the shirts are organized by color. I found the little shoe/clothing organizer that is in the top right picture in our basement, so I put it in my closet. I have my scarves, and then leg warmers, and then shoes.

I also used some storage boxes I had to separate my tights/leggings, bras, underwear, and socks. So not only was this a quick, easy, project, this was also free, considering I had all of the hangers and boxes that I needed on hand!

I also had a bunch of 3M Command Hooks, so I put a few of them up on my wall for purse/bag storage. Especially considering I have two new bags coming from

I moved some of the jewelry that was on top of my dresser to the top drawer. And I did end up buying a few trays at Target so it wasn’t completely free.

I have a clear tray that is extra jewelry that doesn’t fit on the jewelry holders. The cool record bowl is all hair stuff. And there is one teal bowl for lips, one for lotion, and one for face makeup (like eye makeup).

Also, Charlie is apparently out to make me look like a liar, considering after I posted about his gifts yesterday he decided he actually did like his bed…. as he’s gotten quite a few hours of sleep in it. And he fits much better in it then Toby.

My next project? Clean off my desktop, since the desk is always a mess. Charlie also likes to jump on my desk and try to play with everything, so I really should clean it a little bit more!