So about a month ago I posted a blog post about Charlie, and it got quite a few comments! I realized you guys seem to like the Chuckster, so I came up with an idea for a bi-weekly blog feature. It wasn’t until after I told my mom the idea I came up with and she told me it wasn’t super crazy that I actually decided to put more effort into making it a reality.

So, I introduce to you, Chatting with Charlie! Basically every other week “Charlie” is going to interview other bloggers pets, or hopefully some “famous” cats & dogs. He’s already got a list going of people he wants to interview, but if you’re interested, email us {smalltown20something(at)gmail(dot)com}!

I figured the best way to start off this little shindig is to start with Charlie’s other furry siblings!

Charlie: So, let’s start with the basics. What’s your name?

Benji: Benji! And no, it’s not short for anything. My mama gets mad when my Auntie Monique calls me Benjamin!

Abby: My name is Abigail. But I’m mostly called Abby. I only get called Abigail if I’m in trouble… which is a lot.

Toby: Toby!

Charlie: How old are you?

Benji: 4 years old

Abby: 10

Toby: 8. But really, I’m 8 going on 80.

Charlie: And what type of cat/dog are you?

Benji: Just a grey cat!

Abby: Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix.

Toby: Orange tabby cat.

Charlie: Do you have any “brofurs” or “sisfurs” or any human siblings?

Benji: Well you and Abby and Toby are technically my cousins I guess. Your mommy and my mommy are sisters. The house I live at has a dog named Bradly who lives there. We have fun together. I guess he’s kind of like a “brofur” to me.

Abby: Toby

Toby: Abby. I also used to have a brofur named Mittens. He was the best. He left me alone.

Charlie: What’s your favorite food(s)?

Benji: I’m not picky!

Abby: I eat anything. And everything. I like paper, clothing, shoes, poop. It’s all good to me! Cat food, human food, and doggie food. I like it all.

Toby: Meow Mix and Fancy Feast.

Charlie: What are your favorite hobbies?

Benji: Hissing at my Auntie Monique when she comes near me. Hanging out with my Auntie Tiff.

Abby: Sleeping, getting into trouble. Walking with daddy. But not with anyone else. Barking at leaves, people, other doggies, and the wind from our living room window.

Toby: Being cranky and hissing at my furry siblings. Spending lots of time outside. And sleeping.

I hope you enjoyed this little interview!