Okay all, I need some advice.

I’ve been working on growing out my hair because I would love to donate it to Locks of Love or some other hair donation organization. But I think I would need to keep working on growing it out another year or more.

But I have super crazy thick curly hair, as seen as the top picture. And I normally wear it in a messy bun, as seen in the top right picture. I would love to cut a whole bunch of it off this weekend, and get a nice short super easy to manage cut.

But if I cut it now, I would have to start the process of growing out my hair to donate it all over again at some point… but I’m sure I could do that later in my life, like when I’m in my 30’s and a mom and chasing around kids.

So what do you think? Cut it? Or keep growing it?

Thanks all for the advice!


P.S. I practically freaked out when I found out that instagram for android launched today! Find me, my username is moniqueprevost!