Charlie, sitting on top of Toby | Charlie on the hammock on the deck. | Flowers growing in the yard! | My never ending frustration with PayPal. | My favorite little chef | A gorgeous autism tattoo done by Chris @ Atlantic Studios (in Rockland, Maine). | My dad’s new tattoo!

If we sat down for coffee I’d tell you that it’s been a good week. I actually got Monday morning and Friday afternoon off, so it’s been a shorter week than usual, but felt just as long. And of course, even with the extra free time, I haven’t been more productive that I usually am either. Sunday was a blast as a bunch of girls that I’m going to be in a wedding with all got together, and I met some new friends. It was lovely.

Had a great work week with the kiddos I work with, it’s such a fun job. Though I did get a surprise on Friday when the number of kids was so low that they called to tell me I didn’t need to come in. I ended up going with my dad to get his first tattoo!

I’d tell you that having the extra time with my family and friends this week has been nice. I’d tell you that I’ve been seeing all kinds of blog posts and instagrams from people at SNAP conference. I’d love to go to a blog conference sometime! Maybe in 2013? I’d also tell you that I bought some shoes and stuff that I’ve been eying lately, but that most of the stuff I bought today was on sale, so that made me feel better.

Have you ever been to a blog conference? What have you been up to this week?

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