Part of my weekend involved getting my blog planned out, topics for future posts thought out, and weekly features figured out! This is my new weekly feature. Who knows, maybe I’ll turn it into a weekly link up sometime!

Basically, here are 10 things that I’ve been loving online recently!

{Also, all of the links open in a new window. So don’t worry, if you click a link, it won’t mess with what you’re currently reading!}

  1. The e-book version of Leaving Before It’s Over by Jean Reynolds Page was $1.99 on itunes, and since I had some itunes credit left, I bought it. Maybe I’ll get to reading it one of these days?
  2. One of my fellow bloggers posted about this beautiful house in Atlanta that I want. There is a train caboose guest house in the back, and a fun media room/loft. I just have a soft spot for bungalows.
  3. I’ve entered Charlie into a contest to win a custom portrait from Diesel and Juice! Here’s Charlie’s entry. He’s got some cute competition but I would love a custom portrait!
  4. I downloaded a bunch of these Photo Apps for Android from over on A Beautiful Mess, and I love the fun things I can do with them!
  5. I attempted both of these projects that I had bookmarked, and neither of them started off the way that I wanted them to so I gave up. Maybe I just have issues when it comes to doing projects with exacto-knives? At least I still have lots of DIY projects bookmarked that I can try next!
  6. These three pictures going around on Facebook are making me giggle. One. Two. Three.
  7. Creeping on this lady’s facebook pictures are making me miss her hardcore. Anyone with frequent flyer miles they want to donate my way so that I can go visit her in Alaska? 🙂
  8. I used the ideas that Mary Kate talks about in this post to make my own social media icons! It was making me sad that the free icons that I could find online didn’t include all of the social media networks that I wanted. Although the ones I made aren’t perfect, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!
  9. I’m lusting over White Chocolate Nail Polish Remover. I hate the smell of the other kinds of polish removers!
  10. Citlalli, who runs the business Sew Beastly has this adorable line called the “Scrap Me Pretty” collection made with leftover scraps from some of the others things she’s made. I love it. My mom and I had the same phone. She dropped hers and broke the screen, and although my dad tried to, he couldn’t fix it. So now I am so worried about if I ever dropped my phone and how much trouble I’d be in since I’d have to get a new one. Wouldn’t one of these little pouches be perfect to hold a phone?