Note: This is the first post in a month long series about Sydney, Australia where I just went on vacation with my family. I’ll let you know at the beginning of a post if it’s going to be extremely picture heavy. Enjoy!

Thursday we arrived at Portland International Jetport ready to start our lovely adventure! We had a completely full flight to Detroit. In Detroit, we only had about a half an hour, which was just long enough to get some snacks and some food. I had amazing Caesar Salad, and my dad went to McDonalds, where he got Cheeseburgers that had no cheese on them. That made us laugh for about the whole remainder of the trip! We had another full flight heading to LAX, and we had to full on run from gate to gate to make our flight to Sydney. If we hadn’t made it, well we would have been stuck in LA for the night. We were some of the last people on the plane, but we made it!

Our 14 hour flight to Sydney was crazy, it was so long! The two toddlers seated near us were amazing and barely cried at all. They were so well behaved. I occupied myself with books and Disney movies: Cars 2, and How to Train Your Dragon. The food was decent and the plane was pretty spacious!

The sunrise in Australia through our plane window!

Welcome to Sydney!

We arrived Saturday morning Sydney time (Friday afternoon – East Coast USA time). My mom got confused when I got in the “drivers” seat of the car, forgetting that the steering wheel is located on the other side of the car.

In the “drivers” seat!

We had a nice van with plenty of room for all of our bags. Although on arrival we realized that my sister’s bag had lost a wheel (it wasn’t working great when we left Portland). Our taxi driver was very nice, and he told us that Circular Quay (the part of Sydney in which we were staying) is pronounced like Circular KEY.

Circular Quay

After settling in and getting dressed, we went out to explore. We looked around our hotel for a little bit and found some brekkie near our hotel, and discovered Pie Face for the first time. Like Dunkin Donuts in numerous in the US, Pie Face is the Australian equivalent.

Pie Face, which we loved and visited multiple times a day.

We made our way past the bridge towards a district called The Rocks, which has an awesome market on the weekends filled with local craftspeople and food vendors. I had learned about it before we left and was eager to check it out!

Patrick James, a wonderful singer who was at the market at The Rocks!

We met a woman who had actually been to Maine, who was super nice. We had a hard time finding a good restaurant that night with decent cheap food.