Again, 10 things around the web that I’ve been loving recently! As always, the links open in a new window!

  1. Erin over at Carosello and the Sunshine and Carousels shop recently celebrated her 3,000th Etsy sale, and 2 year anniversary of being a shop owner! Go show her some love!
  2. Dana at Wonder Forest talks about why Bloggers & Shop Owners shouldn’t be freaking out Facebook.
  3. Victoria has a cool DIY chain headpiece post here.
  4. Kate from Upside Down Kate did this awesome guest post at Rags to Stitches. I love her idea of keeping a box in the back of the car for things to donate, and donating once you’ve filled the box!
  5. Just learned about fashionABLE. And although I have a billion scarves already, I’m lusting over the awesome scarves they have!
  6. I’m also lusting over this dress from LaceAffair. I need to start making money again after being on vacation.
  7. TOMS came out with their summer collection. I may or may not be freaking out.
  8. I just started reading a series from The Peaceful Mom about living on less than $28,000 a year. I think she has some great tips for those living on a budget!
  9. This website allows you to trade your books for books you want, and I think it’s awesome!
  10. This lady has some gorgeous fonts!