Note: This is the second in a month long series of posts about Sydney, where I was just on vacation with my family. Please bear with me as there are many pictures of koalas!

Sunday we got up early and had a nice walk over to Darling Harbor, where went to Wildlife Sydney to eat breakfast with the koalas!

Cheesing for the camera. Excited about our koala encounter!

We also got to pet them and have our pictures taken with them. My dad joked in an email to some co-workers that for the money he paid for all of us to go to this breakfast that he should be able to claim one as a dependent on next year’s tax return.

Those koalas really like to sleep!

But this gal decided to perk up for a bit!

Although it was a bit of a splurge, it was worth it as you got the koala encounter, breakfast, an entry ticket to the park and a printed picture of you with a koala.

Family photo, with a sleeping koala of course.


This Emu decided to cheese for the camera too.

It was such a blast! We continued to walk around Darling Harbor, where we found Sydney’s Hard Rock Café (which is a must for our family when we travel). We also found a nice mall. I found a store called Typo, which is one of my new favorite stores, and a store called Valley Girl, where I bought an awesome jacket. Michelle got a new suitcase to replace her broken one. The box ripped while we were carrying it back to the hotel, which was annoying, but hilarious at the same time! Dad got his weekly train pass that he needed for work, and I found Frankie Magazine, which I had heard about before going on this trip and wanted to check out!

We did some relaxing in the hotel pool and spent our second night attempting to find good food, and eventually landed on the hotel restaurant, which has a Sunday steak special. The hotel had the most AMAZING garlic bread that made my mouth water