Monday, while my dad went to work, the girls slept in. Then we went shopping! We found some pricey stores and some decently priced ones. I found my first bag of popcorn that I had seen in days, so I bought it. We found a food court to eat lunch at that had quite a bit of variety. We went to an Opal Museum that was not too far from our hotel, where I learned that 95% of the world’s Opals are mined in Australia. Again, we had a hard time finding good food that everyone liked (sense a pattern here?) so we ended up at the McDonalds around the corner from our hotel. Although I have not been to a US McDonalds in years, the quality in Australia is much better, and although it was not the best dinner we had there, it was enough to sustain life for the night.

The people of Sydney are wonderful, and everyone is so nice. They are so kind, and they practically speedwalk, so I get along with them well. There seems to be quite the diverse group of people, and compared to other cities I’ve been in and the size, I haven’t seen a huge homeless population in Sydney.

We’ve been laughing so hard that we’ve been crying, about things like cheeseless cheeseburgers. We hit a few bumps in the road around topics like dinner, but we put those behind us.

On Tuesday we again, slept in a little bit, and dad went to work. We decided to go to the beach! On our way to the ferries to head to the beach, I stopped at a little store that was going out of business where I got a Bondi Beach hoodie (pronounced Bond-EYE) is the more well-known beach, but we ended up going to Manly, after some advice. Manly is gorgeous, and somewhat magical.

Waves at Manly Beach.

Since it’s winter, the water is a bit cold, but we laid on our towels and had a wonderful time. Manly makes me feel like I never want to leave.

A dedication to the Manly World Surfing Reserve. I should really live somewhere where I can surf.

We had some lovely lunches in Manly and then headed back to Sydney by ferry. On the ferry back we met a family that was geocaching. I introduced my mom and sister to the concept, which they thought was pretty cool. I realized it was a pretty cool way to learn about a new area that you’ve never been before.

Sunset picture from the ferry!

That night when dad got home from work we went and ate dinner at the Opera House. They have kitchens underneath the Opera House that serve a variety of different foods, and everyone was happy with our choices.  They were starting to get ready for Vivid Sydney, and the colors on the Customs House (a building near our hotel) were awesome. I learned that Australian lemonade is like a Sprite/lemon-lime soda, and not like American lemonade.