Note: Another post in my month long series about my recent vacation to Australia.

On Wednesday we took a tour of the Opera House, which is an incredibly fascinating building. It took about 15 years and a modern day $1.5 billion. They’ve recently done some renovations to the building, and they actually contracted the original architect to do the renovations. Although the interior design was the responsibility of three Sydney architects, since the original architect was let go in the middle of the project.

Sydney Opera House!

We ate at the Opera House Café which is located right outside and is part of the Opera House. The views of the bridge are awesome, and the French Onion Soup was amazing.

Tree Swinger?

We walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens to Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, to take some family(ish) pictures.

View from the Royal Botanical Gardens.

We cut through on our way back to the hotel, which took no time at all! We ate at a small Italian restaurant located right next to the hotel for dinner, which was complete with a little old guy playing piano.