I promised a mid-month goal check in, and here it is!

  • Blog 25 times in June. {11 posted, 4 scheduled, and 2 drafted, which is awesome! Means I only have to come up with 8 other posts, and finish the ones I’ve started. Feeling great about this!}
  • Read 3 Books. {I’ve made absolutely no headway on this goal.}
  • Plan an epic party or two. {Nope, not this either.}
  • Do dinner/lunch/coffee with friends at least once a week. {Yes! Totally done well with this! I’ve been very busy!}
  • Complete at least two of the DIY/Craft projects on my to-make list. {Haven’t done this either.}
  • Organize my room and desk space so I can better utilize it! {Got started on this right after I decided to make it one of my monthly goals! Organized my scrapbooking stuff and moved some of my junk to our laundry/storage room.}

Clearly, when I win some, I win… and when I lose some, I definitely lose! Now that my older kids I work with in the afternoon are out of school for the summer, I’m actually getting more hours than I did during the school year, and so my time to work on my to-do list is getting smaller!