Note: This is part of a month long series about Sydney, Australia!

Thursday I had my first headache and Michelle ended up not feeling well either so we went shopping and ate at the food court and stayed near the hotel. Nobody was super hungry that night so we ended up eating at McDonalds again. We also did some relaxing in the hotel hot tub and pool and I ended up doing some souvenir shopping.

Friday again was a little bit more shopping. We went to Kikki K, which is a stationary and home supply store, where Nicole (our cashier) was amazing. Michelle mentioned looking to start her own business and Nicole took interest and was suggesting different things Michelle might like. Kikki might tie as one of my new favorite stores with Typo.

We went to the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, again, near our hotel, and purchased a few pieces of artwork to hang up and frame at home. We attempted to hot tub but it ended up being a “cold tub” because it was broken, so it was freezing cold.

Circular Quay, lit up for Vivid Sydney.

We went out to check out Vivid Sydney since it started that night, and check out all the lights, which were amazing.

Chandelier light near the bridge.

Lights on the Opera House.

This one is called “Pack Intelligence”, and the “dogs” turn their heads to look in your direction!

We saw a cool street performer, and since it was the first night of Vivid, they had a special Rocks Market where we were able to get some yummy food from vendors. My salmon and couscous was so good! It was so great!

I need to get a couple dozen pallets, because I want to make one of these in my backyard! This one is called “The Pallet of Urban Green”.