Another lovely edition of some of my favorite things from around the web!

  1. Although Fran made me a lovely grab button, I couldn’t figure out how to make a text box that would work on wordpress… until another person asked about it on The Better Blogger Network, which led me to this link, where I finally figured it out! YAY!
  2. I had some credits on, so I bought both the world and USA scratch maps, so I can scratch off the (very) few places I’ve been and hopefully it will keep me wanting to travel!
  3. Jamie and Janae of the Letter 4 are at it again! Their new store, BOD (Blood Orange Productions) has some wicked cute paper goods in stock, and they also do awesome custom stuff.
  4. Thanks to Dana at Wonder Forest, I might have to make some DIY lipgloss this weekend!
  5. Megan, of Meggie’s Love, The Hollenback Bus, and Traveling Triplets has announced a new business, feral watches! I’m so excited… I know I’m going to want to get one or two!
  6. I actually started using the Out of Milk app I downloaded forever ago on my phone today.. and it’s turning out to be super useful so far!
  7. I’ll do a June Birchbox post soon.. but I didn’t end up getting these supah fancy bandaids in mine, and now I really want them!
  8. Aunie makes me want to have a bearded dragon as a pet.
  9. I really want to make these granola bites from Decor and The Dog… and hopefully spend less money at the grocery store if I’m not always buying granola bars!
  10. This pretty pen DIY is such an easy DIY and I really want to do it!