Saturday we headed back to the Market to see our friend who had been to Maine, who was selling some cool plates and cups with awesome Sydney artwork, so that we could buy a few items. She wasn’t there, but her business partner was. We got some food to snack on and share, and I bought an awesome scrapbook after being extremely indecisive about it.

We walked to Darling Harbor, where we went to the aquarium!

The whale and background are made entirely of legos.

They had a lot of Dory and Nemo fish, and some penguins.

A fish that looks like Dory from “Finding Nemo”.

A clownfish that looked like Nemo from “Finding Nemo”.

They had a great shark exhibit that you actually walked underneath of.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a shark above your head!

After that, Michelle and mom went to the Chinese Garden of Friendship while dad and I went to the National Maritime Museum.

At the National Maratime Museum in front of a naval ship called the Vampire!

They had a Titanic exhibit going on to commemorate the 100 year anniversary since it sank. They also had an exhibit on Australia’s surfing history. We met up and went to the Hard Rock Café for dinner. The food was amazing although the restaurant was very loud.