Note: This is probably my most picture heavy post ever. You’ve been warned!

Sunday was an early morning as we geared up to go to the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains. This particular area is called the Three Sisters.

They’re a little bit outside of Sydney and we had to take a little 22 passenger bus to get there.

Michael was our driver/tour guide! He was great, and very friendly!

It was awesome.

Gorgeous waterfall!

The mountains and forest floor were stunning.

Looking up at the mountains and tree tops.

There was a cable car you took to get down, and a railway up, which was awful since it was so steep.

Can you tell I’m afraid of heights?

We stopped on our way back at Featherdale Wildlife Park where we fed kangaroos out of our hands and got to pet koala bears again.

I might have made a couple of new friends…

Hello there!


Wallaby! I love this picture, between the food on his nose and the sun glare in the background.


I loved the beautiful pink color of this bird!

Sleepy red fox!

We didn’t get a ton of time there, since we then had to catch a ferry back to Circular Quay!

Fun family time. Thanks to our tour guide Michael for taking the picture for us!

Dad taking a picture of Michelle in front of the Blue Mountains.

What a lovely day, and a lovely view.

We had another steak special for dinner at the hotel restaurant. Their garlic bread is still the best in the world, though unfortunately, the hot tub was still a cold tub.