Note: This is the second to last post in a series about my vacation to Sydney. Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you enjoyed this series and might give you some ideas if you’re ever traveling to Australia!

One of our friends at the concierge advised us not to go to Watsons Bay like we had originally planned after I told him how full our Monday was planned.

This guy kept cheesing for the camera.

Check out the whiskers on that guy.

It worked out since we woke up Monday, got ready, and headed out to the Toronga Zoo, which was huge and awesome, with great views of the city.

Baby elephant!

I saw quite a few Emus on this trip.

They had a wide variety of animals, including some seals.

Yes indeed, this seal is doing a shark impression.

These guys are Binturongs. They are kind of like a bear/cat.

We got back to Circular Quay later than originally planned so we nixed going back to the beach (another thing originally planned for Monday).

Why, hello there!

We went back to Darling Harbor and did dinner at the Hard Rock again. We packed up to leave the hotel bright and early.

We left Sydney on May 29th at 10AM, and got to LAX on May 29th at 6AM, even though there was a 13 hour flight in between there. After a few more good flights, and one night in Atlanta later we arrived home on Wednesday night!

There’s no place like home!